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PCB Suggest Cheerleaders for PSL 2019


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has given the suggestion that cheerleaders should be present at the Pakistan Super League 2019 (PSL 2019). However, the proposal of PCB about introducing the cheerleaders in the 4th edition of PSL has been rejected by all the franchise owners who refused to introduce any female cheerleaders.

The owners of all the franchises referred to the idea as not helpful for teams in mid of the cost issues and the conservative values of the society.

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As per the reports, the franchise owners denied the suggestion of the Pakistan Cricket Board first making objections on giving out USD 14,000 dollars for the purpose and secondly because they had this thought and opinion that the presence of the cheerleaders would not be of much help in further enhancing the popularity and following of the league.

PCB tried to reason with the owners of the PSL franchises by giving them assurance that the cheerleaders would be dressed in a proper, modest and decent way.

PSL 4th edition is just a few days away now. PCB has released the schedule for the matches of the fourth edition. The league would be played between 14th February and 17th March.

PSL is a well-loved event by Pakistanis. This event is thoroughly enjoyed and, in a way, celebrated in Pakistan.

This year five matches of the tournament would be played in Karachi, while three other matches would be played in Lahore.

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