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PayPal Might Not Come to Pakistan Anytime Soon


As per the government officials, efforts being made to bring PayPal to Pakistan have sank.

A delegation from the Ministry of Information Technology paid a visit to the United States in October for convincing the international online payment firm for bringing its business to the nation, as per the reports of local media.

The company officials also told that the delegation of Pakistan is not included in its 3-year road map, currently, as it does not have enough business opportunities for attracting the company.

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Sabahat Ali Shah—a senior officials of the National Institute of Technology Board told local media that Pakistan was expecting to bring the service to Pakistan for facilitating the citizens who have earned from abroad and finding it hard to transfer their money.

But he added that PayPal reviews its road-map on a per year basis and there is still a chance of it entering the Pakistani market in the future.

In the month of February, Assad Umar—the ex-finance minister made the announcement that the government was inclined to bring PayPal to Pakistan.

PayPal permits people in more than 2000 nations to send and receive money, and acts like an international bank account.

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