Paypal in Pakistan – Launching within 3 to 4 months?

PayPal is a widely famous online payment platform used to send & receive money through a secure, fast system. In Pakistan, there has been a buzz relating to the launch of Paypal for quite some time. Yet again there has been a hint given by the present government indicating that PayPal will launch in Pakistan within 3 to 4 months.

Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Asad Umar in an interview aired on the Channel 92, with TV show host Mohammad Malick said that Paypal or a platform similar to Paypal will be launched in Pakistan to facilitate the people in general and youngsters specifically.

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He said, “I had a meeting with a company that provides digital solutions similar to those offered by PayPal, and we will have either PayPal or a similar system in the country soon.”

If Paypal or a similar payment service is launched in Pakistan it will be extremely beneficial especially for the freelancers. Freelancers work with international companies and receive payments through platforms like Paypal in which there is no currency transfer issue.

Thus this announcement by Asad Umar was openly welcomed by the online fraternity.

Mohammad Umer, entrepreneur and certified digital marketer said, “I am working on it, as this (PayPal) will be here in three to four months. Congratulations everyone.”

We hope that this government fulfill its promises and bring such services in Pakistan that can benefit the people.

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