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Patriata’s Chairlift is Not for the Poor, Says Punjab Minister

Patriata's chairlift

The government has surged the price of the Patriata’s chairlift up to Rs.600 from Rs.150. The Punjab Minister said that the chairlift attraction is not for the poor.

The chairlift is a major tourist attraction of the area.

Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfaraz—the Punjab Tourist Minister said that the prices have been surged for making the tourism industry more profitable. He mentioned that the tourism industry is such whose rates cannot be subsidised for attracting tourists. He added that chairlift is not for the underprivileged people.

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The tourists were troubled by the decision of the government for surging the prices.

A tourist said that there is a such a big queue for the chairlift and the authorities have not even done any preparations for placing water coolers here. The tourist remarked that he has come with his family from Faisalabad.

The people even protested and asked the PM Khan to take notice and to reduce the prices of the chairlift.

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