Pathways to Progress aims to counter youth unemployability

pathways to progress

Around four million youngsters between the ages of 15-24 years in Pakistan are jobless and this number is set to rise to 8.6 million by 2020.

This is occurring because Pakistan has a developing work force, with 1.7 million youngsters getting to working age every year. Consequently, a noteworthy and developing number of youngsters who are at danger of social exclusion, wage inequality and lessened prospects, represent a genuine test to Pakistan’s efficiency and economic potential.

This was talked about at the panel discussion organized by Citibank N.A., Pakistan (Citi) and the British Asian Trust (BAT) at the British Deputy High Commission. The purpose behind the program was to commend success of the first year of the Urban Youth Program – a joint initiative to enable young business visionaries in Pakistan to create and develop new organizations as a major aspect of the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative.

The occasion united pioneers from over the business, government and development segments and also young entrepreneur graduates from the program, to partake in a discourse on the significance of supporting youth enterprise and financial inclusion for Pakistan’s future development and success.

An essential piece of the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress activity in Pakistan, the program – executed by the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship – was developed to unlock economic opportunities and create jobs for people from low income foundations.

Taking advantage of the entrepreneurial soul of more than 60 youngsters, supporting them with training, tutoring and investment to start up and grow a profitable business, the program has given a model that can be scaled and replicated.

Pathways to Progress aims to prepare youth for more employment opportunities

The Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative prepares urban youth to flourish in the present economy. Pathways to Progress expects to diminish youth joblessness and increase sustainable economic development through business enterprise and leadership training. This year saw the explosion of Pathways to Progress globally with a $100 million commitment from the Citi Foundation to contact 500,000 youngsters with business enterprise and employability training before 2020.

The program was co-created and managed by the British Asian Trust, a UK association attempting to open and boost the capability of individuals in South Asia through local, high-affect and inventive initiatives in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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