Patent Shows Apple Future MacBook Will Adopt Wireless Reverse Charging For Multiple Devices

Apple reverse wireless charging

Some IT workers usually include electronic products such as laptops, smartphones, tablets/smart watches, etc. in the EDC (Everyday Carry) of the working day. In fact, laptops can be regarded as large mobile charging treasures to some extent, so the idea of ​​wireless reverse charging has also taken shape in Apple’s mind.

Supply chain sources said that component vendors that once provided glass-encapsulated bridge rectifiers for Apple’s AirPower wireless charging board have also entered the MacBook production line, suggesting that Apple will innovate in the charging function of MacBook.

The simplest is fast charging, but the greater possibility is the addition of wireless reverse charging. In fact, Apple has previously applied for similar technology patents. Users can naturally place mobile phones, smartwatches, etc. on the palm rests on the left and right sides of the touchpad for wireless charging operations, which is much more convenient.

However, wireless charging usually generates a lot of heat, and internal structure, device layout, wireless interference, etc. must be considered. It is not clear when Apple can commercialize the product. Interested parties will wait and see.

Via PatentlyApple