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Passport-Free Entry to Kartarpur Corridor under Consideration

A proposal for allowing passport-free entry to the Kartarpur corridor is being considered, as informed to the National Assembly. The aim of this proposal is to attract more visitors.

Interior Minister Ijaz Shah said that as signed in the memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and India, as of now the passport-free entry of Indian pilgrims to the Kartarpur corridor was not permitted.

But it is now under consideration to give entry to the Kartarpur Corridor without a passport to attract more visitors. However, detailed input for this would be taken from the foreign affairs ministry.

While responding to a question he said, “As per the procedure, pilgrims could visit the corridor from dawn till dusk after producing Indian passport or overseas citizen of Indian-origin card along with the passport of the resident country.”

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He said that the movement of the Indian visitors is regulated via physical and electronic security systems by the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab)

Adding, “Visitors are strictly kept inside the Gurdwara complex by using turnstile gates to avoid their exit toward the Pakistani side. All the activities in and around the corridor are monitored through surveillance cameras.”

Also, the details of issuing the national identity cards to foreigners were also presented in the house. As per the interior ministry, during 2009-2012, 1637 foreigners were issued the national identity cards while from 2013 to 2018, 474 foreigners were issued the cards.

On another note, the Parliamentary Secretary for Inter-Provincial Coordination Syma Nadeem informed the house that Sports ministry had been devolved following the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

She said, “The PCB generates its own revenues to reinvest in the development of cricket in the country. As such, the profits and revenues generated by the PCB do not fall under the purview of public resources or public funds.”

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