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Passengers Flying to Britain will have to undergo Isolation for a few days


On Friday, the British government selected some stricter precautionary and safety measures for the coronavirus by announcing that all the passengers flying to England will be quarantined first.

Passengers coming from outside the country will have to undergo compulsory 14-day isolation before moving towards their original destinations in England. For such passengers, a particular isolation center has been designated.

A travel advisory has also been issued by British Airways for this purpose.

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All those travelers reaching on 8th June or after it will have to follow the new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and those travelers who will be reached after the 8th of June will not have to bear any constraint.

The passengers traveling to Britain will also have an option to quarantine themselves inside their homes in the country.

The coronavirus death toll in the United Kingdom has reached above 40,000 including 357 fatalities which were reported by the government in the last 24 hours.

Reaching this severe milestone was a time sorrow for everyone, said Matt Hancock Health Secretary.

On the other hand, the Rawalpindi traffic police has launched an application to provide online driving license.

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