Passenger Train Operations Suspended Indefinitely

Due to the rising tally of coronavirus patients, passenger train operations will remain suspended. Freight trains will continue their operations in a smooth manner to make sure a smooth supply of essential commodities is given to the people across Pakistan.

The federal minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad stated this while talking to the media at Rawalpindi Railway station.

Sheikh Rasheed said that Pakistan Railways is playing an important role in oil transportation, pulses and other commodities in all parts of Pakistan.

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As per Ahmad, it was initially decided that Railway operations will resume from 1st April. But the Prime Minister has ordered against the resumption of operations, thus they will be suspended until further orders are given.

Adding. “However, the freight train operations will continue as usual in order to ensure a smooth supply of essential commodities across the country.”

Quarantine trains were inaugurated by Rasheed that comprised 300 beds in 7 cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan.

Rasheed said, “The trains will have six bogies and will be able to accommodate more than 50 people at a time.”

In Rawalpindi’s railway hospital, isolation wards with 450 beds have been set up. The quarantine trains will have ventilators as well.

7 railway hospitals will also just be used to treat coronavirus patients.

The minister said, “Next 15 days are important for controlling the virus.”

He said that the situation in Pakistan is much better in comparison to Italy and the United States.

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