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Passenger Tied Up After Stripping Naked During Flight

As per reports, a Bangladeshi passenger stripped himself naked and attacked an onboard stewardess during a flight that was to be flown from Malaysia. The passenger has been arrested as informed by the airline on Monday.

According to the reports of local media, few minutes after the Malindo Air flight flew from the Kuala Lumpur airport on Saturday, the twenty-year-old Bangladeshi passenger took off his clothes and started watching pornography on his personal laptop.

As per the New Straits Times newspaper reports the twenty-year-old young man is a student at one of the Malaysian universities, he initially listened to the request of the cabin crew and wore back his clothes.

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The paper further reported that the young man tried to hug female crew members, but when his actions were ignored, and his advances were rejected he then got aggressive and attacked a stewardess.

The cabin crew along with the help of passengers were able to get control of the man and his hands were then tied up with a piece of cloth for the rest of the flight.

No reports or news indicates the reason for his awkward behaviour.

The airline, a Malaysian subsidiary of an Indonesian firm, refused to confirm any of the details, however, in a statement, it was reported by the airline that a “disruptive passenger” on the flight was tied up. The flight was headed towards Dhaka. The man was arrested as soon as the flight landed.

Malindo Airways is a Malaysian airline, which is owned by Indonesia. The name Malindo is taken from the names of Malaysia and Indonesia—and depicts a cooperative agreement between the two nations.

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