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Passenger Boarding Bridge Collapsed at New Islamabad Airport and People are Concerned

passenger boarding bridge

One of the passenger boarding bridge at the New Islamabad International Airport collapsed, which has raised many concerns and questions in the minds of people. The incident resulted in causing one injury, however, no damages were reported to the aeroplane parked in close proximity to the boarding bridge.

The passenger boarding bridge collapsed yesterday and caused one injury. It collapsed to a nearby parked plane of Emirates airline but luckily enough, no damage occurred to the aeroplane.

The reason that led to the collapse is not yet determined however people are already concerned and questioning the construction quality of the airport which was built with a construction cost of more than hundred billion rupees.

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As per the reports, the incident occurred when a Gulf Airline’s flight headed towards Bahrain from Islamabad started to taxi. The flight number was GF771. The plane was separated from the passenger boarding bridge leading it to collapse.

Whether the entire incident was an error on the part of the pilot or the bridge operator, it is yet to be learnt.

Muhammad Mudassir—the bridge operator who was moving the bridge at the time suffered injuries from the broken glass.

Gulf Air still was able to move onwards with their flight as per schedule. The airport officials are now investigating the entire incident and the cause of the accident, however, the people are heavily criticising the authorities and their negligence.

The new Islamabad International Airport was recently inaugurated a few months back and has suffered a lot of troubles and mismanagements however this incident was so far the biggest of all.

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