Part-Time Jobs in Pakistan

Online Project:

If you are looking for a part-time job for a specific time period, try looking for an online project. An online project is a onetime deal offered in different fields like IT, graphic designing, technology etc. You are asked to finish the project, the deadline is given, and money decided. Then you can work on the project at your own ease, but make sure to meet the deadline.

Writing Jobs:

There are many home based writing jobs offered in Pakistan that can be managed with education or a routine 9 to 5 job. The timing is flexible and you can specify how much work you can do per day. Also what is required is just a laptop and an internet connection, which one take to their respective institution and work from their whenever they get time.

Social media Jobs:

There are many social media jobs available these days that can become part-time jobs for many people. One can control social media accounts of companies, celebrities, and brands in Pakistan and start social media marketing. Other than this starting your page of any of your hobby like photography, cooking, events managing can also open doors for you professionally.

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Tuition has become a necessity in Pakistan and students from very early age look for good tutors. But the good thing is that tuition will just require a couple of hours of your time. One can easily manage giving tuitions to students along with their other activities, job or study.

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Stitching, Knitting:

If you have the skill of stitching clothes, make use of it. Use your free time to stitch and knit clothes for other and make it your part-time job.

Personal Trainer:

Fitness and training has quickly gained popularity in Pakistan. If you are into fitness and exercise, become a personal trainer. You don’t have to give 24 hours to it, just a couple of hours will be needed of your time and if you get successful in it you can make this part-time job your full-time work.

Web Design

If you have a full-time job, but along with it you know how to design a website, you can utilize it and as a part-time become a free-lance web designer. There are always new websites coming up and people looking to design it. Find one and make use of your skill.

You have a full-time job? You don’t feel the need for any part-time offers? But remember its not always about money. If you have a skill use it before it gets expired. Work for money but work for your passion as well.


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