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Parking Plaza of Karachi is Opening Soon

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The many years old abandoned LARP Parking Plaza that is located in the Saddar area of Karachi is finally being opened for the city residents.

The admin has taken the decision of opening one hundred and sixty-two shops at the plaza. These shops would be sold to the buyers via a lucky draw.

On the other hand, the shops on the 6th and the 7th floor would either be auctioned or officed would be built there.

The in-charge of the parking plaza said that two floors are given an allotment for the shops. And added that once the shops are completely built they would be rented out or sold.

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The plaza also has got a parking space for more than seven hundred automobiles.

As per an official of the Karachi Development Authority, this would help in ending the financial crisis of the KDA.

The department had been working on many plans regarding the development of the parking plaza for months.

In the twelve storeys built parking plaza, 2 floors are reserved for shops, 2 for offices and 8 for the parking of vehicles.

The parking plaza was opened in the month of July back in the year 2009, and its management was thrown a private party on a contractual basis which was later given over to the KDA.

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