Paris Testing “Noise Radar” that Would Automatically Ticket Loud Automobiles

noise radar

Paris is testing a “Noise Radar” that would automatically be ticketing the loud automobiles.

The Parisians with powerful automobiles do want to rethink now before showing off their rides, as parts of the city are working on the testing of a noise radar system from Bruitparif that could indicate loud automobiles and would finally place a ticket on them.

The system makes use of 4 microphones for triangulating the origins of a sound and relate it with the CCTV footage for indicating whoever is making the noise.

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The 2-year trial is not subjected for placing a fine on anyone. However, it is for testing both the viability of the technology and to determine the noise levels that lead to penalties.

A draft law owing for a vote this fall would allow officials to experiment with the noise radar fines, and the city intends to take benefit of it if and when the law is put into effect.

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