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Parents Should Ask Babies for Consent Before Changing Their Nappies—Expert Suggests

As per the reports of The Independent, an expert has recently said that for encouraging the culture of consent parents should ask their child for their permission before changing their diapers.

Deanne Carson—the expert suggested the idea while an ABC News segment about educating children regarding consent. Many viewers were confused after hearing this statement.

Carson mentioned that the habits need to be taught starting at birth, for doing so parents should seek the consent of their infants before even going to change their nappies.

Since the idea involves babies and as we know they could not verbally respond to the question, Carson said that after asking the baby, give them some time by maintaining a distance and making an eye contact, this would let the child know that their response matters.

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Deanne Carson works with children of age three years and above. She said that parents need to introduce such ideas and concept in early stages of child development. However, ever since the segment had been on-aired it is being criticised by people heavily on social media.

One user tweeted that if a baby has a dirty nappy then parents should change it as it is part of their child care, not because the child gave them permission to do so.

Another one mentioned that could one show up at the doctors because of some skin condition that the child has developed as the parents never got the permission from the baby to change the diaper.

Carson responded to the criticism she received with a detailed post. In her post, she defended her made statement. She wrote that unfortunately, some people have decided to mock me— “maybe because I have pink hair? —and the notion of giving infants bodily autonomy.”

She then shared statistics of sexual assault against children and mentioned that the work they do with children, parents and teachers is the best international practice for preventing abuse.

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