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Paper Merchants Demand Duty-Free Import of Paper

The All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association (APPMA) have requested the government for decreasing the import duty on paper and paperboard on Wednesday.

Khamis Saeed Butt—who led the delegation of APPMA and met with the Acting President—Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Wednesday. During the meeting, Khamis Butt demanded the government to permit duty-free import of paper which is used for the making of textbooks. This would also assist the students in getting textbooks on low-priced rates.

The meeting discussed extensively all the issue related to trade and economics. They particularly discussed the issues of the paper industry.

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During the meeting, the acting president of LCCI gave assurance to the delegates that the Lahore Chamber would keep on supporting and doing efforts for promoting the paper and paperboard industry. He also said that this specific sector is also doing social service by making education reachable for the common man.

He further added that the APPMA is playing a major role in terms of promoting the education sector.

Nadeem Qureshi also said that both the government and private sector are of importance to each other and could not work distinctly. He asked the government for drafting such policies that assure a favourable business environment and address the actual problems faced by the business community.

Nadeem Qureshi further said that the business community was the actual motivating force for the economy however, it fails to play its expected role for the economic stability of the country owing to the different kinds of issues. He emphasized on an immediate need for the reformation of the tax system by incorporating all the stakeholders.

The LCCI Acting President also highlighted the need of extending the current tax base by including the untaxed sectors into the tax fold that would help in sharing the load of existing taxpayers instead of overburdening them.

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