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Palm Launched Tiny Smartphone to Escort Regular Phones


A new gadget brand—Palm has launched a tiny smartphone that would be serving as an ally to the iOS and Android smartphones.

Palm—a gadget brand majorly famous for its personal digital assistants (PDA) has crafted a small portable size phone for accompanying the regular smartphones, thus reducing their usage and giving users a chance to focus more on the present moments.

Although the credit card-sized phone is not available in the market yet, however, as per the reports of The Verge, it would soon be available for buying in November this year, costing around $350.

The objective of the palm phone is to work as an alternative option so that the other normal smartphones could be left at home and serving as an on-t-go version of the smartphone and would act as a tool for tackling app addiction.

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As per the details provided by Business Insider, the palm is an Android phone that synchronizes with the users’ regular smartphone, either iOS and Android, where both the devices could share the same phone number, and both could receive calls, other notifications and text messages.

The bad thing about the phone is that it is only available for use on Verizon network and users would have to pay a monthly charge of $10 extra for connecting Palm to the carrier’s network, as reported by CNET.

The phone operates on a single SIM and has a quality 12MP camera on the front and 8MP on the back, it permits users to install the apps from Google Play Store and also talk to Google Assistant.

According to the company, the battery life of the phone could last as long as eight hours, however, the phone could last all day on a feature called “Life Mode” that would filter out the calls and notifications when the screen is turned off.

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