Launch of 3G and 4G services enabled the development of new applications and database all leading to improved performance of overall Telecom services.

According to news sources, revenues generated for Telecom sector of Pakistan has reached to Rs. 234.9 billion in the first two quarters of the current year.

Commercial launch of 3G and 4G services across the sector has lead the sector to generate more revenue, 3G and 4G services creates more opportunities for revenue generation, newer applications development and database services generated more income streams for the sector. It is also important that people in Pakistan are adopting the technology change and newer services quickly.

Pakistan Telecom sector also contributed an estimated Rs. 53.76 billion to national exchequer including the taxes, regulatory fees, license fees, activation taxes and other charges.

This boom in Telecom industry is not temporary and expected to grow with time, smartphones availability paves the way of 3G and 4G services, as smartphones are becoming extremely easy to purchase and manage in Pakistan, Telecom sector is also focusing on more opportunities in adding more revenue streams.