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Pakistan’s tapping of World’s IT market share has just begun

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Pakistan’s IT sector has untapped areas where investors could make most out of that, Pakistan has just started tapping the world’s IT market share and there is a huge potential which is still untapped.

A strategic partner of Alibaba’s Group Whale Cloud is coming with $70 million of infrastructure development investment for over the next two to three years. CEO of Whale Cloud Ben Zhou and Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom in Pakistan had a meeting yesterday to discuss the various opportunities to invest in Pakistan.

The Chinese company Whale Cloud specializes in building smart infrastructure to help Chinese government and governments in other countries, its strong private cloud infrastructure ensures data integrity and security, the CEO told the IT minister.

The IT minister informed Mr. Ben Zohu that Pakistan excels in ICT human resources andhas top quality ICT engineers which could be used for strategic infrastructureplanning and development not only in Pakistan but also in other countries.

The talks between Whale Cloud CEO and Pakistan’s IT minister would have positive outcomesfor overall IT sector growth in Pakistan. According to thinkwithgoogle

Google listsdown top 5 reasons to invest in Pakistan which are all the key indicators for futuregrowth, rapidly growing population, economy driven by SMEs, rapidly growingsmartphone users, increasing internet penetration and Investment by China inCPEC are the key motivators for investors international tech giants to leveragethe potential and growth which is still under a veil.

Another 820km long Pakistan China Optic Fiber cable project which was scheduled to launch by the end of 2018 is another key motivator for companies and investors to jump into the market. The link between PEACE Submarine cable system and Pakistan would connect the country to high-speed broadband connectivity from east to west.

It was also reported last year Chinese province is interested in building $15 billion high-tech industrial park in Punjab.

The government of Pakistan is also focusing more on IT sector growth, the devised digital Pakistan Policy 2016-17 has laid the foundations of sector development by pouring more investments in the sector and inviting International technology companies to make investments in Pakistan.

Pakistan could become a cash cow for technology companies in the future, Alibaba has already evaluated the potential in Pakistan the Chinese tech giant has acquired local ecommerce platform in May for $200 million roughly.