Pakistan’s Student Biryani Launches in Australia

Every other day a new international brand open its branch in Pakistan but rarely do we come across a news in which a local brand opens its branch in an international market. Well, here it is. Student Biryani is one of the most famous Pakistani food brands. Student Biryani has an identity in Pakistan offering totally Pakistani desi Biryani.

Now Student Biryani has opened its branch in Australia. Earlier Student Biryani had a branch in Auburn and now it is opening another branch in Australia. Other food brands have also opened branches in foreign lands but mostly they have been in the United Arab Emirates. UAE is like a second home for Pakistanis so it is not so difficult to open a branch there. But Student Biryani has gained popularity not just in Pakistan but also worldwide. Due to the success of its first branch the company has decided to open another branch in Australia.

Here is the picture of the first branch of Student Biryani in Australia

Here is the picture of the second branch of Student Biryani in Australia

Those of you living in Sydney, Australia can now enjoy amazing Student Biryani that offers amazing authentic Pakistani taste. Not just the Pakistanis living in Australia can enjoy Biryani but the locals of Australia are also in for a treat. They can experience Pakistani food taste right in their homeland.

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