Pakistan’s Senate Ratifies Arabic Course Mandatory in Capital

The Senate passed a bill on Monday, regarding compulsory teaching of the Arabic subject in all schools of Islamabad.

Senator of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN): Jawed Abbasi presented the bill, and it was passed by the mutual consent of almost all members. It proposes in the bill that Arabic subject will be taught from class 1 to 5 while Arabic grammar will be started from class 6 to 12.

Senator Javed stated that “Arabic is the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world and being an official language over 25 states, stressing that teaching student an Arabic language could create greater job opportunities in the Arab countries . Consequently, earning from abroad will increase.

Moreover, he also said that as the sacred Quran and regular prayers are read in Arabic language so if we develop understanding of sacred Quran, we would not face the difficulties we are going through nowadays. He also stated that he was in account of teaching other languages as well like Russian, Spanish and English, in addition, “Nobody complained about teaching of English language in the educational institutions”.

Parliamentary affairs Minster Ali Muhammad Khan consented with Senator Javed by stating that government absolutely supported the bill.

Minister further said, Arabic learning was necessary to become a fine Muslim and for understanding of Allah’s order.

In contrast, Senator Raza Rabbani showed a disagreement with this decision by saying that the legislation was a trick of the government to use Islam for their political means. He further said that legislation is striving to remove cross cultural diversity of Pakistan by adopting Arab culture.

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