Pakistan’s Ranking Drops in the Latest World Press Freedom Index 2019


A Paris based international non-profit organization, Reporters Sans Frontieres or Reporters Without Borders (RSF) issued a World Press Freedom Index, 2019. According to the World Economic Forum
(WEF), RSF has placed Pakistan on the 142nd position among 180 countries for the overall global score.

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In 2018, Pakistan was on 139th position and now it’s on 142nd spot with global score of 45.83. The organization referred to media curtail in 2018’s general elections including print and electronic media.

Military intervention in media during the electoral campaign was observed. Many cases have been reported in which military pressurized media as the military is against independent journalism.

In 2013, Pakistan was at the 159th position and now it’s improved a bit. India has placed two positions above Pakistan with a global score of 45.75 and is at 140th place. The countries that are so-called in favor of democracy and freedom of speech are not even ranked among the list of top ten.

The United Kingdom is at 33 rd position and the United States is at the 48th position. The European countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark are the top five countries in WEF.

The authoritarian countries are placed among the bottom ten such as
North Korea is at 179th place, China is at 177th place, Saudi Arabia is at 172 nd place and Iran is at 170th place.

In an earlier article, we informed our readers that in the last 17 years, 699 cases have been reported but just 5 involved in the murder and assault charges against journalists got punished.

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