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Pakistan’s Largest Skills Development Programme ‘Hunarmand Jawan’ Launches

The largest skills development programme of Pakistan ‘Hunarmand Jawan’ has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on the event and said, “I need you all to understand that there is no such thing as ‘happily ever after’, that only exists in fairy tales. In real life, there are ups and downs and smart people make sure that they use the time when they are in difficulty to propel themselves towards success later.”

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Adding, “I believe barkat has not come to this country because a small number of people kept becoming richer while everyone else suffered. This is not how enlightened societies work. In such societies, equal opportunities are given to everyone. What is the American dream model? It ensures that anyone who works hard will be able to lift themselves up and create a better future for themselves.”

Talking about the Hunarmand Programme, PM Khan said that the government wants to revive the dormant industries and provide modern skills to the youth.

“Under this programme, we initially aim to train 500,000 youth. One thing that I am very proud of is that the first 70 skill centres we create will be in madrassahs, so that the children who have always been neglected are able to acquire skills that will help them step up in the real world. I am proud of my government for being the first to work for these youth, no one has ever done that before.

“In the next phase, 300 smart training centres will be created, where our students will have access to international teachers so that our country can achieve global standards. Thirdly, all of these skill centres will have national accreditation, to ensure that there is healthy competition between them and they all strive to better themselves.”

Furthermore, the PM said that the money will be allocated for the programme in the future.

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