Pakistan’s First Waste-to-Power Generating Plant to be Set up in Lahore – Research Snipers

Pakistan’s First Waste-to-Power Generating Plant to be Set up in Lahore

The grant for the power generation license to the energy company of Lahore—Xingzhong Renewable Energy Company Limited has been approved by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA). The plant would be the country’s first ever plant having a capacity of converting the waste to 40 MW of electric power.

The plant would be installed at Lakhodair—Lahore and would have state-of-the-art facilities of incineration to provide the electricity generation. The plant would be making use of the most appropriate waste-to-energy technology.

As per the statement by NEPRA it is said that the project would be decreasing two thousand tons per day of the Lahore city’s waste of solid form for generating electricity and it is apparent that the plant is like the solution for taking care of the municipality department’s waste management crisis and meeting the energy demands of the nation.

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For this plant, the power regulator has already made an announcement of a Competitive Upfront Tariff of US Cents to 10.007/kWh for waste to energy products that are founded on twenty-five years operational period, having an overall capacity cap of two hundred and fifty megawatts.

In the meantime, the contribution of each province and that of the Federal Territory has been set at fifty megawatts each.

NEPRA also added that successful execution and implementation of this project would be making ways for many more such projects for solving the hot issue of managing the waste disposals and the challenges regarding restricted space for landfills and gas emissions which would lead to cleaner cities and an improved and healthy life for the citizens.

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