Pakistan’s First Kids Screen launched in Cinepax

With the growing Pakistani movie industry the number of cinemas and screens have increased. Despite the developing cinema industry, until now there was no cinema in Pakistan that catered the needs of the kids. All cinemas in Pakistan were specifically for adults.

Pakistan’s First Kids Screen launched in Cinepax

Well not anymore. Cinepax has broken the trend and has launched the first kids’ cinema screen in Cinepax Lahore. The screen in launched in Packages Mall, Lahore.

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Parents can now bring their kids to cinemas easily without worrying about the noise they make. Usually, when parents bring their kids to a movie screening, they have to make sure that the kids remain quiet so as not to disturb the other attendees. And keeping kids quiet is not easy at all. Thus to tackle this issue, Packages Mall, Lahore has launched a movie screen for kids.

Furthermore, the cinema hall has a family sofa bed, dory bean bags, curve lounge, along with the regular cinema seats for the people. Kids in this cinema will have the leverage to move freely, talk, and enjoy the movie as they wish. Also, the lights will not be closed in the cinema screen to ensure that the kids remain safe.

Bring your little ones to Pakistan's first kids screen at Cinepax Packages mall! #GlucoMinipax

Posted by Cinepax Cinemas on Friday, October 12, 2018


Before the movie starts, kids would be given books in the kids’ lounge in which they can color and draw to pass the time.

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