Pakistan’s export increased to $2.156 billion in November

Due to the hard work of exporters, Pakistan recorded exports of $2.156 billion in Nov 2020 which is 7.2% higher than the last year’s period.

Pakistan's export value

According to the Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment, Pakistan’s export has increased to $2.156 billion in November 2020 which was $2.011 billion in November 2019.

Our export has once again crossed the $2 billion mark per month,

He further informed that for the first 5 months of FY21, the exports have increased to $9.732 billion as compared to $9.545 billion over the same period last year.

The country’s exports have increased by 7.2% in November 2020 over the period.

It has been due to the hard work of our exporters and they deserve praise for this accomplishment.

We have just received provisional figures for export of goods,I wish to congratulate our exporters that in these very difficult times with resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan and globally,

He said that since the announcement of the formation of the National Export Development Board (NEDB), “I have been receiving requests from many people to be on the said Board.”

We are finalizing members for the NEDB whose core membership will be small and primarily be ex-officio members from government,

I wish to say that people would be co-opted to attend NEDB meetings depending on the subject or sector under consideration so that the most knowledgeable people are available to give their valuable advice to the NEDB.

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