Pakistan’s educational crisis is one of the big hurdles in economic growth

Pakistan is the 6th largest country in the world in terms of population, the country has almost 2% annual population growth rate but still 25 million children are out of school.

Pakistan’s stumbling economy is the major concern for country’s development, the growing population in the country demands more resources, income and expenditure which is becoming difficult for the coming governments.

According to a recent report cited by Tribune, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country on the globe, the increasing population is creating more problems for educational sector and the country’s educational crisis are worsening with every passing day.

The number of children out of school is considerably high as, according to a report published by Tribune, the number of children out of school currently stand at 25 million. According to Business Recorder, citing UNICEF source Pakistan stands at number 2 in the world ranking of out-of-school children and has 9.2 million children out of school.

Both the sources have contradictions in numbers of children out of school in Pakistan as well as Pakistan’s world ranking.

According to citing UNICEF report, Pakistan’s is ranked 15th in the world ranking for the number of out-of-school children with 32.5%. Pakistan still falls in the world’s top 20 countries where the number of children not going to school is extremely high.

Education is the one and only solution for nation-building and economic growth, our successive governments failed to realize this or they are unaware of the fact how important it is for children to go to school from every inch of the country whether they live in mountains or deserts. In Baluchistan, there are 2200 schools without proper school buildings and basic amenities, federal and provincial governments should take this matter seriously in order to bring educational reforms in the country along with CPEC projects.

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