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Pakistan’s Economic Situation: 2018 could be the start of prosperity for the country

Pakistan's Economic Situation - CPEC

China-Pak Economic Corridor is not a new subject in Pakistan. The topic has been boiling since Musharraf’s tenure or perhaps even earlier. But it was meant to be undertaken by PMLN. The current government, besides their Panama scandal, has done a great job in boosting Pakistan’s economic situation. And now the project is just a year away.

The Planning Minister, Ahsan Iqbal, in a recent address said that CPEC would complete its project by 2018. This statement reached its hype when he was addressing in a ceremony at the inauguration of CPEC Excellence Center in Islamabad.

Not only the government is sharing the joy Pakistan’s economy would witness but even the experts do have a strong faith in CPEC. Earlier, it was also noted that along with other projects, CPEC could make Pakistan among the top 16 largest economies in the world.

The $46 billion project has established new energy-storing plants, Gwadar port, and new trade routes. This new trade project has also sat up a 10,000 MW power project. All these signs lead to a better and stronger economic situation of Pakistan.

However, some opposing bodies are still not in the favor of this high-returning investment. Some even say that this project would monetize Chinese wealth alone. Where the government has clearly indicated that these new trade routes would benefit both China and Pakistan.

Where some internal forces are reluctant to participate in CPEC, India is also showing its distrust in the project. Their main debate is a potential threat to their sovereignty.

Besides all these internal and external forces, CPEC is on the verge of its completion. The Pakistan-China trade route is a hope not only for the government but also for businesses and would create new jobs. Odds are that 2018 would be the year of reforming Pakistan’s economic situation, leading to one of the strongest economies in the world.

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