Pakistan’s Ecommerce Market Is Over Rs.50 billion – Research Snipers

Pakistan’s Ecommerce Market Is Over Rs.50 billion

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President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Saboor Malik has said that e-commerce market in Pakistan is more than Rs. 50 billion and it is growing rapidly at an unprecedented rate. “Telecommunications, mobile apps and e-shops have revolutionized the sector. The approval of the e-commerce policy framework is welcomed.” he said in a statement.

He said that economies around the world have been severely affected by Corona. It has also affected Pakistan. About 40% of exports have been affected. Investment in logistics and skills will have to be made. Private sector needs to be brought forward and digital connectivity needs to be enhanced. Digital payment system needs to be promoted to promote e-commerce in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the country with over 212 million people and most of the population is youth, the country has great potential in online retail sector, he added.

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