Pakistan’s Eastern Airspace Will Remain Closed till July 26th

For all its transit flights, Pakistan’s eastern airspace will remain closed till July 26th. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Saturday said that the closure of eastern airspace has been extended by Pakistan following the tensions with India.

The airspace of Pakistan will be suspended for over-flight and transit flights until new orders are issued, as per a CAA spokesperson. But the flight operations will go on as per the schedule on the Eastern Air Side and the Western airspace.

On February 27th, Pakistan decided to shut its airspace as India violated Pakistan’s airspace. Since then Pakistan had been extended its eastern airspace closure continuously while the flight operation on the other side remained operational.

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj was granted special permission to an overflight by Pakistan on request of India. The Indian Minister had to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation session in Bishkek on May 21st in which he was allowed to travel using Pakistan’s airspace.

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Due to the airspace closure, many Indian flights were either rerouted or canceled. Almost 400 flights get affected on a daily basis. Air India was the most affected airline due to this closure.

Earlier we informed our readers that Pakistan has denied the request for opening its airspace until India de-escalates.

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