Pakistan’s ‘dark web’ selling your personal sensitive information


The extent of erosion of privacy happening with your private data is shocking. Your personal details are completely unsafe with the National Database Registration Authority (Nadra). Important information, sensitive data including your family details, date of births, and also your fingerprints are offered for a cheap price on one of the many WhatsApp groups operated by con artists.

Federal Investigation Agency revealed this in its recent investigation that the people who are using personal information to scam unsuspecting individuals are also accessing the call detail records of people.

Faizullah Korejo, who is an additional director for the Sindh and Balochistan region for FIA’s cyber-crime wing said that primarily the data is used to register SIM cards from which these scammers make calls under false pretenses in order to target the person.

He revealed, “During an intensive operation in rural areas of different districts of Punjab province, 16 cybercriminals were booked on seven different counts.”

After a distressing increase in the number of complaints from bank customers against the fake callers, introducing themselves as State Bank’s representatives, the action was taken. These people tricked the bank customers, using the info they acquired illegally. They then took personal info of their accounts and then completely drained their accounts.

He said,  “Initial investigations reveal that all the fake calls were made from a few districts of Punjab, including Gujranwala, Hafizabad, and Rahimyar Khan.”

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One of the suspects that are currently in the custody of FIA revealed, “I was responsible for providing the biometric machines allotted to cell phone franchises, and Haris, a resident of Sahiwal, was the mastermind.”

Adding, “Haris bought the soft fingerprints of citizens on the same WhatsApp group where I first came across him. He would then ask me to provide the biometric machine to a third individual.”

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