Pakistan’s Cybernet and PEACE to bring Ultra High Speed cable to Pakistan

Pakistan’s Cybernet has inked a MoU and landing party agreement with PEACE Cable International Network in order to introduce ultra-high-speed and high-capacity cable network into the country.

During the recent event Asia-Pacific Submarine Networks Forum in Shenzhen China, the agreement was penned down, the Asia-Pacific Submarine Networks is focused on connecting three major continents of the world including Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Earlier in May, Huawei Marine conducted the survey in Pakistan to collect feasibility data that could help in devising the plan for installing Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) Submarine cable in Pakistan.

It was announced earlier in April that the positioning and placement of this new modern submarine cable have already begun. Huawei Marine will build this cable and Tropic Science Co., Ltd. will fund it. The telecom giant PCCW Global will manage it. The local landing and global connectivity partners of this project will be Cybernet and Jazz.

The CEO of Cybernet Pakistan, Danish Lakhani said, “We are very happy to work on PEACE project which promises several benefits for Pakistan and its digital economy.”

The PEACE cable network will provide redundancy to Pakistan’s internet infrastructure along with reducing latency to Western destinations, the high-speed and ultra-high capacity cable would bring a new era of affordable gigabit services to the country, he added.

The project is a based on a carrier-neutral system which will allow other telecoms, carriers, ISPs, CDNs and content providers to leverage the system and expand benefits across the spectrum of Pakistani society, the CEO said.

After roughly two months of discussions and consultations, the cooperation agreement between PEACE and landing partners Cybernet and Jazz said PEACE Cable Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sun Xiaohua said.

He thanked all the partners for supporting PEACE project which adds economic value to the entire region.

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