Pakistan’s Customs Officials Confiscated Car of a Spanish World Traveller

Pakistan customs officials have seized the car of a Spanish world traveller. At the Pakistan-Iran border, the customs officials confiscated his car as he was entering in Pakistan.

The name of the traveler was Awais. As per the reports, his car was stopped at the border. His documents were seen and then the officials took his car.

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Awais is basically a Spanish Pakistani traveler, who has traveled all over the world. Awais said that he has traveled to 13 nations, seen the world and as he came into Pakistan through Iran the customs officials without any reason took his car.

He said that he had proper documents of his car, still, the officials stopped him and then insulted him. They demanded money from him. Also, the customs officials told him that he is not permitted to drive via Punjab. Despite showing them the paperwork, they were adamant.

Awais said, “I started my travels from Spain and journeyed all the way from there till I reached Pakistan. My travels throughout the world went smoothly, and each country’s customs welcomed me warmly without any issues. “But when I reached Pakistan-Iran’s Taftan border, I was told that I can’t take my car to Punjab despite having all my documents. Their behavior has ruined my adventure. Border officials took my documents, my car, and keys. I appeal to the government to please return back my car.”

So now Awais has urged the Pakistani government to order custom officials to give his car and documents back to him.

Awais said that he has traveled to Austria, Spain, Italy but now his whole trip has been ruined because of the customs authorities behavior. Awais wants the government to solve his issue.

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