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Pakistan’s current power shortfall is Zero

Pakistan’s power generation is up and witnessed Zero shortfall according to the official sources—App

Pakistan has faced ferocious power shortfall during the last 10 years, during the first democratic Zardari led government after the reign of General Pervez Musharaf from 2008 to 2013 the power generation and shortfall was awful, Pakistan suffered a loss of billions of dollars during this government, Pakistan’s industry migrated to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and China. However, Nawaz led government from 2013 to 2018 was much better in reconstructing the power infrastructure and generation.

And now, Pakistan is producing the electricity little over the demand, according to the official sources the power generation in the country was recorded at 21,800 MW on Monday, the total demand in the country was recorded at 20,800MW, there was zero shortfall in power generation and the country is now generating excessive energy.

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Going into the details total hydel power generation was recorded at 5400MW, independent power producers accounted for 12000MW of electricity and GENCO generated 2000MW.

There is no forced power cut and load management is going on in the country, consumers are enjoying uninterrupted power supply for commercial and domestic use. The hydel power generation has improved phenomenally due to better water flow in all major rivers of Pakistan, said the sources.