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Pakistan’s Citizen Portal Helpline Launched

Pakistan Citizen Portal Helpline was launched by the Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz. People from remote areas can file their complaints online and look for solution of their issues with regard to different government departments.

Talking about launching the portal helpline he said that everyone is eyeing the government for the solution of their complaints. The Minister said that the instructions have been given by PM Imran Khan about resolving citizens’ complaints, .

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According to the report around 2.9m people were registered on the portal. 2.5 million of those citizens filed complaints out of which 2.3m of the complaints were resolved. 586,000 citizens confirmed that their problems were resolved via the portal. He said that when the citizen’s complaints were unresolved, the PM asked about why the complaints were not resolved.

The portal offered an end to end solutions and made sure that the problems of the people were resolved.

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Shibli Faraz stated that the distance between the government and people has been reduced with the portal. He said, that every aspect was taken into account including the needs of disabled persons and those with unclear fingerprints

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