Pakistan’s CAA Fined Turkish Airline For Violating SOPs

Turkish Airlines

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has fined Turkish Airlines for bringing an untested passenger from the Corona-hit country to Lahore and warned that Turkish Airlines would be barred from entering Pakistan for such violations. Can be done.

A statement issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in Islamabad said that it was noted with concern that despite the letters written by Civil Aviation on October 13 and 19, Turkish Airlines Two passengers were taken to Lahore from Dakar (Senegal) via Istanbul without a Corona test report.

Senegal is one of the countries that is placed in Category B by Civil Aviation Authority where all passengers coming from must be Corona Negative and have proof of Corona PCR test as proof. Bring along Turkish Airlines has been fined Rs 100,000 for this violation and has been warned that strict action will be taken against the airline for such violations in the future, including banning its operations in Pakistan.

It may be recalled that Turkish Airlines had earlier been issued a warning and fined for similar violations in October last year. According to a statement issued by the Civil Aviation Authority at the time, a passenger was travelling from Mali via Istanbul to Lahore without testing for coronavirus. Just left After the Civil Aviation Authority came to know about the matter, a fine of Rs. 100,000 was imposed on Turkish Airlines while other expenses will be borne by Turkish Airlines.

Civil Aviation said in a statement that the passenger remained at the airport for five days and no assistance was provided to the passenger by Turkish Airlines. However, the Pakistani ambassador to Turkey issued a notice to the Civil Aviation Authority. After which arrangements are being made for the arrival of the passenger in Lahore. Turkish Airlines has been allowed to bring the passenger from Istanbul to Lahore, but on arrival in Lahore, the airlines have to pay for the Corona test and quarantine, while the passenger has been seated on the plane.

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