Pakistan’s Airspace to Remain Closed for all Transit Flights till March 11th – Research Snipers

Pakistan’s Airspace to Remain Closed for all Transit Flights till March 11th

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that Pakistan’s airspace will remain closed till March 11th for all transit flights.

A notification was released by CAA in which it was stated that Pakistan’s airspace opening is delayed till 3 pm March 11th. A day earlier, CAA announced that transit flights will be allowed to resume operations by 3 pm today. But now as per the new notification the airspace is closed for all flights going from east to west and west to east till March 11th. However, some transit flights the fly from north to south or vice versa are allowed to fly over certain routes.

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The airports of Sialkot, Rahim Yar Khan and Sukkur that had to reopen by today will remain close till March 11th. The notification added that for entry and exit in to and out of the country certain airspace can be used.

Airports all over Pakistan where the flight operations resumed will remain operational till 5 am, March 15th. So the flight operations at Karachi Airport, Lahore Airport, Islamabad Airport, Multan Airport, Peshawar Airport, Quetta Airport, Faisalabad Airport and Chitral Airport will operate as per the schedule till March 15th.

Even though most of the airports have reopened and flights are going as per schedule, some of the airports reopening is getting delayed. It was closed due to the escalation in tensions with India last week.

Flight operations at most airports had resumed over the week, however, the reopening of the airspace nationwide had been delayed. Things have improved for now but as elections are approaching in India, God knows whether this peace is temporary or permanent.