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Pakistan’s 6th Coronavirus Case Confirmed

Pakistan's 6th Coronavirus Case

Dr Zafar Mirza, the Special Assistant to PM on Health has confirmed about the 6th case of the coronavirus in Pakistan.

He took it to Twitter and said that the patient is in clinically stable condition in the province of Sindh and is being taken care of.

Previously, CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah directed the provincial government to have all those who came into contact with the person tested for the virus.

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The government of Sindh has been dealing with the issue of coronavirus as 2 new cases of the virus surfaced from the port city last week.

The virus has affected the entire world. It has entered 76 nations and more than 3,100 deaths had occurred infecting more than 80,000 people across the world ever since it started spreading from the wet markets of Wuhan in China.

As a preventive step, the government had asked all the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions to remain closed until the 13th of March.

He said that 2 among the 5 patients affected with the virus were stable and improving on a per-day basis. Dr Mirza further added that one of the patients would soon be discharged.

The federal government is also taking the needed measure to contain the spread of the virus, which has taken more than 100 lives in Iran. Screening of the patients is being done at all the airports and entry points. Isolation wards have also been set up at the hospitals for ensuring proper medical care to the affectees.

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