Best Online Shopping Experience In Pakistan While Saving Money, Time and Effort – Research Snipers Best Online Shopping Experience In Pakistan While Saving Money, Time and Effort

Online shopping is no different than retail shopping; you always look for better prices, quality, and deals when you go shopping.

Imagine you need to buy a pair of shoes and you go out to the shopping mall, instead of going to one shop and complete your purchase you go to various shops observe the product quality and pricing and eventually you make a purchase from a shop that suits your needs. But this process is often time-consuming in a retail environment.

Same is the case when you are doing online shopping, it takes a lot of time and energy searching different shopping websites e.g.,,,, and many others.

But offers your seamless shopping experience; it saves a lot of time, money and effort. PakistaniStores is a “products search engine” in Pakistan which uses machine learning to enhance the user experience, the search queries entered are auto corrected if you spelled it wrong, the search engine automatically updates new prices and offers on the products, so you don’t need to look around for the offers and discounts.

Difference between searching on Google, Shopping sites and

Let’s do some experiments here, imagine you need to buy a perfume One Million Paco Rabanne 100ml men’s.

Searching on Google

You go to the Google and search the term “Paco Rabanne one million” you entered misspelled words, first Google will ask you to correct the spelling and search again. After that it will give you some results that you are not interested in buying from, all the results will take you to the websites located in foreign countries like; eBay, Amazon, and others.

Even if you found a Pakistani website you might end up purchasing from there without checking prices on other stores. This happens a lot in online shopping

Search On One Pakistani Store

Now if you go to your favorite online shopping store let’s say or a store you are familiar with and search for the desired product “Paco Rabanne One Million” you check the product description and finally buy it.


See the number of products listed and the prices in the search results above and keep them in mind, I will show you later how you have lost a deal. The best price shown above is Rs. 7,400 for the product one million absolute Gold 100ml.

However, it was easier for you to make a purchase but you have not explored the potential of yet.

Searching on

Now here is the real deal, let’s go to and search the term “Paco Rabanne One million” even with wrong spelling. The website will auto correct the query and show you the results,

The results are amazing comprising of 2 pages almost 35 products, all the relevant products are listed which will land you on the store for instant purchase when clicked. The products are listed with various prices, men’s, women, body sprays and all other related products that are listed on various websites.

Remember the above search directly on which gave fewer results and prices not less than Rs. 7,400 you might have ended up buying that because you clearly see there are no more products listed, same could happen when you go to another store for searching like,, and others.

Choosing the Final product also let you adjust the price range, let’s say I don’t want to spend more than 5950 on this product, so I adjusted the price which will automatically show the products in that range.

Now I have found my deal, Bingo !!! one product came up within my range which exactly matches my query Paco Rabanne One Million-100ml, Rs. 5,911 and it is listed on

Searching directly the same query on showed me only 4 to 6 products and the lowest price was 7,400 but searching on showed me more than 35 products with all different prices but all relevant products.

Same thing happens if you search on other online shopping stores, but not on

Why You Should Use

I personally used and I liked the way it helps in online shopping, It saved me money almost Rs. 1000 for a product, it saved me a lot of time and effort as well. is the place you should remember when you do online shopping; the website has more than 350,000 products in the database which is continuously updating, more and more products are being added to the database on daily basis. The search engine uses machine learning to enhance the user experience based on their searches. It’s so simple to use and navigate, so try it next time when you do shopping online.