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Pakistanis Tops List of Umrah Pilgrims

Umrah pilgrims

The Pakistanis have remained on top at the list of  Umrah pilgrims who travel to the holy land for performing Umrah this year. Pakistan has left Indonesia, Yemen and India behind and the other nations, as per the reports of Arab News.

The count of Umrah visas granted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 998,670 this year, out of the total 998,670, 695,740 pilgrims reached the Kingdom.

The Umrah pilgrims from Pakistan topped the list with a count of 262,695, after Pakistan the pilgrims from India came on second spot by a number of 140,505, then there were Indonesian pilgrims on the list with a number of 131,908, followed by Yemen with 26,334 pilgrims, then 21,767 from Malaysia and finally 14,667 from UAE.

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Some pilgrims have already performed the holy ritual, but they are still in Saudi Arabia—198,786 in Makkah and 95,981 in Madinah.

The Saudi Vision 2030 reform plan is targeted at decreasing the dependency of Kingdom on oil and for that, it also aims at attracting more than thirty million Umrah pilgrims.

To develop the Hajj and Umrah organisations and services is among the top preferences of the Saudi government.

Saudi Hajj Ministry some time back introduced a weekly indicator for permitting the authorities to keep a track on the number of pilgrims coming to the Kingdom for holy journeys.

It helps the government to prepare and plan in a much better way for the coming pilgrims and given them high-quality services.

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