Pakistanis to Get Canadian Student Visa in Just 20 days

Pakistanis will now be given the Canadian student visa in just 20 days. Canada has made it easier for Pakistanis to study in their country by issuing a student visa in just 20 days.

Canada has included Pakistan in its Student Direct Stream program. This will streamline visa applications for students.

Initially, the program started for India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam in 2018. After complete applications and biometric processing, it will just take 20 days for visa processing, under this SDS policy.

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The Canadian government was praised by the Pakistani High Commissioner to Canada Raza Bashir Tarrar for taking this decision. It will be quite helpful for Pakistani students who wish to study in Canada.

Canadian visa processing is quite extensive. It takes quite a lot of time. But now things have become easier for the students. This also means that now more and more Pakistani students will apply for higher studies in Canada.

Earlier we informed our readers that Hamad Obaid Alzaabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador has announced that the UAE Consulate will open a visa center in Karachi. It will become functional in the first week of September 2019.

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