Pakistanis Personal Data Stolen through PM Laptop Scheme

There have been issues of data security and privacy going on worldwide, where companies have stolen personal information of user illegally. Recently Facebook has been accused of breaching data of 50 million Facebook users that played a major role in the US Elections 2016.

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Another news popped up and it speaks about the data breach in Pakistan. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif used public money to give laptops to the youth of Pakistan and then through them he has stolen data of those youngsters. This news was initially published by EuroAsia. is the source that revealed about Cambridge Analytica and how it has invaded user privacy before the story became mainstream. Now the same source claimed that Cambridge Analytica stole data of the young Pakistani students through an operating system that was installed in the laptops that were given to university students under PM’s laptop scheme.

Now you will notice that the link above is not opening. The original source, which was EuroAsia has taken down the article they published. They said that there is, “information that cannot be verified” in the article.

The laptop scheme by Nawaz Sharif gave laptops in 109 universities of Pakistan to thousands of students. The scheme was generally appreciated but no ulterior motive was even considered. It was just thought that the PML-N government wants to attract youth towards their party. Even now there is no ulterior motive that is confirmed.

It was in FY 2013 that the scheme was announced and it became operational from August 2013 with the help of Punjab Government.

Cambridge Analytica is also rumored to have played a part in Brexit by influencing the voters. It is a consulting firm that is known to collect data through social media and then divide it into segments for its respective clients.

Even though we have no backing now of the originally published story, all we can say to our readers is that, let us be very careful while sharing data on social media sites as there is no privacy anymore.