Pakistanis Living Abroad Would Not Be Able to Vote in the Elections

According to the officials of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), the Pakistanis living abroad would not be able to take part in the upcoming elections this year in the country. This was informed by the NADRA officials on Wednesday.

NADRA officials told the local media that the overseas Pakistanis are being misguided via the different campaigns active on the social media.

They added that so far, no decision has been taken regarding the online voting facility for the Pakistani nationals residing abroad.

The officials said that the online voting for the Pakistani nationals living abroad could be tested in by the polls. They must visit Pakistan personally for casting votes in the general elections.

The officials also clarified that even if the overseas Pakistani come to the homeland for casting votes they would only be permitted to do so if they are in the list of registered voters in Pakistan.

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It is relevant to specify that a case regarding the right to vote of overseas Pakistani is pending with the apex court of the country.

Earlier in March, Mian Saqib Nisar—the Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the overseas Pakistanis would be given the right for casting their votes. While hearing a case regarding the dual nationalities of civil servants and judges he indicated that it is high time now and that the Pakistanis living abroad should be permitted to take part in the election process.

Later in the month of April objections were raised by the IT professionals over the NADRA prepared e-voting software. An IT expert—Taha Ali from NUST, said that countries like Norway, the United States and Australia have tried such software however they left them afterwards. He added that it is not that tough to hack an e-voting system and even if the system is not hacked it is not much of a task to steal data.

The NADRA Chairman while briefing the Supreme Court bench about the e-voting software said that the e-voting facility which would provide a chance to around seven million Pakistanis living aboard to cast online votes would cost rupees one hundred and fifty million.

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