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Pakistanis Drink Too Much Tea—Imports Increased By 3.19 Percent

pakistan tea import

According to statistics Pakistan has imported Tea worth $491 million in the last 11 months form July, 2016 to May, 2017 to meet the current rising demand of Tea in the country. As compared to previous period Tea import was up by 3.19 percent.

Pakistan has imported roughly 187,070 metric tons of tea into the country during the last 11 months and current financial year whereas, import during the previous period was 159,003 metric tons worth $174.59 million according to the data acquired from Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Keeping inflation and higher prices in mind, Pakistanis still have spent $316.41more on tea. This implies that Pakistanis have increased the level of drinking tea and not Coca-Cola  


However, palm oil which is found in almost 50% of the food and non-food products on the market shelves and serves as an indicator of basic production level has increased significantly during the last 11 months by 12.76 percent totaling $1.746 billion.

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During last year, around 2,409,220 metric tons of Palm oil worth $1.54 billion was imported into the country. This year which was increased to 2,520,074 metric tons valuing $1.746 billion.