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Pakistanis Donated over Rs. 10 billion to the Dam Fund


The resident Pakistanis have donated over Rs.10 billion to the Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Fund while overseas Pakistanis have donated almost Rs. 1.7 billion. This is as per the data confirmed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The dam fund was initially started by the retired Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar and PM Imran Khan and it attracted billions in donations from Pakistanis over a period of one and a half years.

An overwhelming response was received for the dam fund from individuals, associations, and corporations because of huge campaigns, but it failed to maintain the pace.

Rs. 9.7 billion contribution was received by the banks throughout Pakistan. Via the credit/debit cards an amount of Rs. 282 million and via IBFT Rs. 153 million was donated.

Through mobile phones, a special service was started to make it easier for the public to donate the dams’ funds. Rs. 10 could be donated via sending an SMS to 8000 with the word “Dam”.

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The central bank received an amount of Rs. 154 million for different mobile operator users.

The overseas Pakistanis also contributed heavily to the overall donation collection which was 17% or Rs. 1.77 billion.

Overseas Pakistanis from the USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE contributed Rs. 598 million, Rs. 483 million, Rs. 207 million, Rs. 105 million and Rs. 71 million respectively. The least contribution was from Fiji which was Rs. 25,000, India Rs. 45,386 and from Austria it was Rs. 78,369.

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Unexpectedly, the donations from Turkey and China were also just Rs. 129,684 and Rs. 203,595 respectively.

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