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Pakistanis can Hear COVID-19 Message on Calling Each Other

A well-known mobility solutions provider enterprise EoceanEm has joined hands together with PTA to provide a short awareness message about the deadly virus. Now a user who makes a call can hear a message replacing the ringtones.

Tania Aidrus Head of Digital Pakistan announced this scheme on Twitter.

Aidrus thanked EoceanEm for taking this step, PTA as they issued the directive and also she thanked Telcos as they helped along with the other two in raising awareness among 165million subscribers. Because of them now every Pakistani will be able to hear an awareness message regarding COVID-19 instead of ringtones.

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The aim behind this initiative is to create awareness among people regarding this virus which has spread all over the world and killed a large number of people.

Just like this initiative, recently the government launched a chatbot that can help to address the common concerns related to coronavirus.

This platform is useful to address very common questions regarding the coronavirus and it also crushes all those information which are fake and misleading people on social media.

On the other hand, the need of sanitizers is increasing and the prices in the market are higher than before. So people are also being guided to make hand sanitizers at their homes.

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