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Pakistanis Can Enter 26 Countries Without A Visa

So all of us wish to travel the world without going through the visa hassle. Apply for visa, wait for ages for it to be accepted or rejected and then getting all worn and tired of it.

Not anymore. 26 nations in the world allow Pakistani passport holder’s visa-free entry.

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These countries are Nepal, Qatar, Kenya, Maldives, Dominica, Haiti, Micronesia, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Comoros, Djibouti, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Palau, Samoa, Seychelles, Tanzania, Togo, Tuvalu and Uganda.

  1. Nepal: For 150 days maximum Pakistanis can live in Nepal without a visa.
  2. Qatar: Enjoy the desert land of Qatar for 30 days.
  3. Kenya: 3 months, visa-free policy for tourists visiting Kenya
  4. Maldives: Live for 30 days in the tropical nation
  5. Dominica: Peaceful holiday of 6 months on mountainous Caribbean island without visa problem
  6. Haiti: 3 months allowed in the Caribbean country
  7. Micronesia: 30 days to live in the islands of Micronesia
  8. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines: 60 days visa-free
  9. Trinidad and Tobago: 30 days in the dual-island
  10. Vanuatu, Cambodia: 30 days in South Pacific Ocean nation
  11. Cambodia: Visa is given on arrival
  12. Cape Verde: Visa given on arrival
  13. Comoros: 45 days visa-free policy
  14. Djibouti: Visa is given on arrival
  15. East Timor: 30 days
  16. Guinea-Bissau: 90 days in land known for wildlife and national parks
  17. Madagascar: 90 days on the huge famous island
  18. Mauritania: Visa is given on arrival
  19. Mozambique: 30 days
  20. Palau: 30 days
  21. Samoa: 60 days
  22. Seychelles: 3 months
  23. Tanzania: Visa is given on arrival
  24. Togo: Visa is given on arrival
  25. Tuvalu: 1 month
  26. Uganda: Visa is given on arrival

So let’s explore the beautiful islands, mesmerizing mountains, breathtaking deserts all over the world without worrying about Visa.