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Pakistanis Are Favored Candidates for 350,000 Jobs in Japan


In order to overcome lack of manpower, 350,000 foreigners have been invited by Japan to apply for jobs. Pakistan has been placed among the top 10 preferred countries for hiring by Japan. It is because of the relationship that the two countries have, as per the Japanese Ambassador.

The opportunity to hire 350,000 individuals is specifically for foreigners. Japan is facing a shortage of young individuals due to the fact that number of elderly people have increased in the country by the day.

According to the envoy, a large number of Pakistanis will move to Japan for livelihood. Workers who will be able to bear the expenses will be given jobs in Japan.

The envoy said that they are hoping that talented, and skilled Pakistanis come to Japan for living & earning.

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The envoy said, “Educated youth can apply however, those proficient in the Japanese language will be preferred for these jobs. To apply for a visa, visit the official website of the Japanese embassy in Pakistan.”

It is an opportunity for Pakistani youth to avail and acquire jobs in Japan.

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