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Pakistanis Among top 50 Best Looking Nationalities

50 best looking nationalities

Pakistanis have been ranked among the top 50 best looking nationalities.

The people of Ukraine have gotten the most votes and are ranked on the top of the good-looking people list.

Mila Kunis—the actress who belong who Ukraine, is another beautiful and refreshing face, and is an indication of the Ukrainian beauty. On the second spot lies the Danish people and the Filipino.

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On the list of best-looking nationalities Pakistan lies on the 42nd spot.

Italians lie on the number 7th spot, whereas the English and Canadian people lie on the 9th and 10th spot.

After Pakistanis are the Lebanese, Germans and Americans.

The social media users were asked by the researchers about the most beautiful people in the world. This is how the survey was conducted.

The movie Motorcycle Girl would be screened at Stanford University. This is a proud moment for Pakistan. The movie is the story of Zenith Irfan. It is a story of a young woman who went to all the northern areas of Pakistan on her motorbike.

The movie depicts a girl who broke all the societal barriers across the country.

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