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Pakistani Visitors in India given 48-hours to leave the country

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Following the Pulwama attack in the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) the diplomatic dispute between Pakistan and India has heated up. In the Indian state of Rajasthan the relevant authorities have given 48-hour ultimatum to Pakistani nationals to leave the country.

The antagonistic attitude of the Indian authorities has created an extremely difficult situation for Pakistani families that have gone on a visit to India.

Following the attack, a local magistrate has issued the ultimatum to leave India. Those Pakistanis that wished to attend the Urs celebrations in March of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer Sharif will also now face difficulties.

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According to sources changes are that the Indian authorities will reject the visa of Pakistani pilgrims who had plan of attending the Urs. It will be held from 7th to 18th March.

It is pertinent to mention here that at least 44 Indian paramilitary personnel died in the bombing incident that occurred in the Pulwama district of IoK.

Pakistan has categorically denied any role in the attack as accused by Indian authorities. India has vowed that it will diplomatically isolate Pakistan.

Pakistan has appealed to the United Nations to work as a mediator considering the worsening security situation in the region.